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Although the usual weather in Broward County is all sunny, here at Fort Lauderdale Painters, our waterproofing masters believe that prevention is always better than cure when it comes to your home’s maintenance.

Waterproofing is one of the most essential services to be performed on your house.

However, most of the time it was also deemed as an inconvenience and irrelevant that homeowners usually disregard this process. 

Nevertheless, please be warned and don’t try to make the same mistake as negligence to waterproofing your house might lead to serious issues such as concrete shrinking, wall cracks, paint blisters, mold and mildew build-up, and other factors that were caused by moisture and water.

Settle and stretch as our waterproof team’s expertise will wash away all your stress. Give us a call and we’ll give you an instant free quote.

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  • Exterior Waterproofing Systems
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  • Residential Waterproofing
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  • Caulking & Fire Caulking
  • Vapor/Air/Moisture Barriers
  • Above Grade Waterproofing
  • Joint Sealants
  • Below Grade Waterproofing
  • Damp-Proofing
  • Balcony & Deck Coatings


Why Waterproof?

Waterproofing can prevent water damage to your home from outside in

We can never predict how our weather can affect our house either externally or internally. Seeping water can easily dismantle your home’s foundation.

However, with proper preventive measures, we can guarantee your security from this water damage. Our experts will make sure to conduct a thorough inspection so we can come up with the best waterproofing solution for you.

Waterproofing can prevent serious health problems

Ever heard of the insidious mold infestation that caused a serious health problem to a family in Texas? It all started with a leak in their downstairs bathroom which triggered the build-up of mold from their wooden floor all throughout their walls and ceilings until it contaminated everything in their house. This eventually forced the family to move out, and the house condemned.

Mold is indeed dangerous and we can never shrug off simple water damage inside your house especially if it will put your whole family at risk. Waterproofing can prevent this from happening as it prevents the growth of mold and other bacteria.

Waterproofing is a money saving method

This is also what we intend for you to experience from us as we aim for money-saver solutions that will also produce quality work. Waterproofing might be a cost right now.

But long term, its results can save you thousands of dollars in possible damage to your home, along with the prevention of potential health risks.

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With our experts’ help, we will preserve your humble abode’s condition as well as prevent any damage from happening. We can assure you of the high-quality work that we perform. We use professional methods such as caulking and sealing while using the finest and trusted materials that offer long-lasting results.

Waterproofing is not a job for do-it-yourselfers. Leave everything to us!

Ring us now, and let us add you to our growing list of satisfied, waterproofing clients!

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