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Is the exterior of your home looking a bit tired? 

Nothing gives a house that fresh and cared-for look, like a fresh lick of paint.

Our team at Fort Lauderdale Painters are experienced in all aspects of exterior painting. We do a quality painting job, that lasts. 

Our team of qualified painting contractors take pride in making the first impression of your house’s exterior long-lasting and remarkable! 

We’ll help you keep on top of your homes painting maintenance, and make sure it stays in top condition, for years to come!

Rain or shine, when it comes to experience and quality exterior painting service in South Florida, our house painting pros at Fort Lauderdale Painters are ready to take you call!

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Man using paint roller to paint exterior of house in Fort Lauderdale

Why Choose Us?

With our years of experience and attention to detail, our painters in Fort Lauderdale will make sure to do a top-quality job on any painting project.

May it be painting your walls, deck, or patio, we’ve got your back!

Without a question, we will value your time, and treat your home with respect.

We can guarantee that your house will be handled with care while achieving the best results, in the quickest timeframe possible.

Along with our premium quality paints and equipment, we can guarantee that our end-results are at a reasonable price, and can withstand the harsh South Florida weather. 

Our mastery in exterior painting and exceptional quality of work is the best fit for your exterior painting needs.

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To achieve the best results for exterior painting, preparing the surface prior to any procedure is a must. Our team will check for any irregular surfaces, chipping, peeling, dents, or other flaws so we can ensure a uniform surface, and pressure wash afterward. 


Filling holes and sealing cracks around windows or door frames. Materials showing any damage or deterioration will be replaced


Applying high-quality primer is vital to exterior painting, as it provides a fresh surface that will provide the best paint adhesion prior to any exterior paint application


The color selection for the paint that we’ll use still depends on your choice of colors. But we’re always here to help you out and advise the best palette to suit your home! It will become a rewarding success if we’ll not only beautify your exterior but we’ll also protect your house for a long period of time. That’s why high-quality paint is one of our keys to long-lasting exterior paint. You can rest assured that we only use the best quality painting products.

Final Inspection

Our painting professionals will be sure to double-check every detail on our final inspection to make sure that our work is complete and it successfully meets our standards, most importantly, your satisfaction.

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